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We have united all the largest push networks in one service to provide you maximum traffic
Our advantages
Check out the features of the system
Four options for collecting subscriptions. For https and http sites.
Landings, Redirect and Iframe links for traffic arbitration
Creating your own landing pages and copying existing ones in one click.
Detailed statistics on 12 types up to each sending.
Individual settings for push notifications.
Exchange subscriptions, sell and buy push subscriptions at your prices.
Sending your ads to 15 targeting conditions.
Postback support for subscriptions and CPA conversions.
Over 90 thousand ready-made promotional materials collected from affiliate networks.
Any geo targeting down to cities.
Statistics on sites and subid, disabling inefficient sources
Price from 0.005$ CPC, and 0.1$ CPM
How it works ?
  • Register.
  • Add a site or landing page.
  • Get the code to install on the site or a link to send traffic, for which users subscribe.
  • You can also connect ad network feeds to make money on clicks.
  • You can allow other users to send ads to your database with pay-per-impression.
  • Sell your subscriptions on the exchange to get quick
System statistics
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Questions and answers
We have collected for you the most frequently asked questions with answers to them.
We offer you 3 ways of making money:

1. CPM - you collect subscriptions, and allow the distribution to your base to other users, for which they pay you for your advertisements to your subscribers, who offer more, will show them.
2. CPC - advertisers pay for clicks on their ads.
3. CPA - you add your ad from earning directly on the sales of your goods and services, or through partner CPA networks, in this case we also do not take any payment.
Payments are made on request every Monday, the minimum amount for payment is $ 1

Ways to get paid: Webmoney, AdvCash
Most of the functionality is free, project earnings from the percentage of the recipient when paying for impression, and selling on the exchange.
The price for 1000 impressions is set by the advertiser, by the auction the impression goes to the one who assigns the maximum price, at the moment the conditional range is 0.1 - $ 1. Payment is made for the actual viewing of ads by the subscriber.
When creating ads, you can specify the type of placement with the form of payment for impressions or clicks, and specify the conditions for sending by:
- countries
- regions
- cities
- sites
- subid
- tags
- languages
- device types
- devices
- OS
- browsers
- ip ranges of mobile and wifi operators
- subscription days
- sending hours and local time
- sending days
- max. user sending
- user activity
Yes, when rotating ads for pay-per-impressions and clicks, the account balance matters, the more it is, the higher the priority of ads. With a balance less than $ 100, rotating automatically slows down to evenly display ads the flow during the day. Ad rotation is completely disabled when the balance is less than $ 5.
After registering with your account, when you add an ad, you specify the display conditions you need and click the Check button, in the case of local placement, the system will show information about the number of available subscribers, and if placed on partner networks, the number of requests per day.
If you work with a CPA affiliate network and want to see information on conversions and revenue in our statistics in order to immediately see profit minus traffic costs, then there is postback for this.

You specify this link in the settings of your stream, where you send traffic, after putting in the link the necessary macros with information about the site, ad and click id, this data will then be returned to us so that we can credit the conversion.
The competitiveness of your bid can be determined in two ways:

1. by the percentage of auctions won, if it is below 10%, then you have a low price, you should increase it by at least 50%, and then track the number of received traffic

2. according to the list of competitors, it is displayed after clicking on the graph icon under the targeting list, ads with similar targets are displayed in the list
We do not take into account and do not pay for clicks:
1. repeated by link, by user by ad
2. which are made a day after sending
3. view and click are from differents country
4. without viewing the picture
New filters for ads
We added a filter by user activity, this will allow you to show ads to low, medium, and hi...
Added regions
Regions were added to the ad impression conditions and the list of available cities for ta...
IP filter added
An additional condition has been added to the ad settings with filtering by subscribers IP...
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What is Push Advertising?

Push advertising is becoming every year an increasingly popular advertising format in the world. Billions of push mailings to subscribers are made daily.
Push subscribers are users who have subscribed to site updates, have given their consent to receive notifications to their browser on a computer or phone.
Thus, advertisers have the opportunity to deliver their push advertising to consumers without intermediaries, with a high percentage of advertising delivery, compared to the classic online advertising formats, where in 90% of cases users simply do not notice or cut off advertising using blockers .
Push advertising is also protected from bots! What is very important, there are practically no wound or artificial transitions in this format, as at the moment there are simply no methods for emulating push subscriptions and clicking on links from push alerts .
This is another big plus in the piggy bank of the advantages of this format.
For which niches is push advertising suitable?
Not all categories of advertising are suitable for this format, but the following niches are especially popular: gambling, bookmakers, sports betting, earnings, horoscope, health, news, dating, phone apps.
How to launch push ads ?
1. You need to register
2. Refill balance
3. Create an advertisement, specifying the required conditions for distribution
4. Your push ad is checked and after approval starts to be sent to the subscriber base
At the same time, you can attract your subscribers from your sites, and sending them out will be free for you, while other users will be able to send to your subscribers with pay-per-impression, or you can buy subscribers on the exchange, and also send them push advertising, or allow send other users to your database with pay-per-view, working with our system you get some advantages!