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What are push notifications effective for?

Push notifications: how they work and what are the advantages of using them

Push notifications are an effective marketing tool. They allow you to significantly expand the target audience. Our service provides large volumes of push traffic .

Key Features of Push Notifications

Push notifications appear on the screens of smartphones and users' computers in the form of small messages. They consist of a headline, a short message and a small format photograph. Depending on what device push notifications come to, it is customary to distinguish between browser and mobile ones. As a channel of communication with the target audience, such notifications allow you to inform users about new products, promotions and discounts. They are also suitable for sending offers based on the interests of the client. Connecting web push is especially important for owners of online stores. They are effective in increasing resource traffic.

In order to agree to receive notifications, the user just needs to make a couple of clicks. In the future, when a push notification appears, he will be able to quickly navigate to the site using the link from the message. Users are much more willing to subscribe to push notifications than to email newsletters, because you do not need to specify email and other personal data.

When planning for push notifications, you need to consider the frequency with which clients will receive them. Pushing too often can cause users to unsubscribe. It is advisable to compare the time for sending notifications with the opening hours of your online store. When composing the text of the message, you must strive for brevity. The title can be used up to 64 characters. For the text of the notification, the maximum permissible volume is 240 characters. An important feature of browser push is that they only come to users when they have Internet enabled. When sending push notifications to mobile devices, disabling the browser is not an obstacle.

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