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What is passive earnings on push notifications

How does the site owner make money on push notifications

Pop-up notifications (eng. - push notifications) - short advertising messages broadcast through a browser on a computer screen or gadgets, in order to receive them you need a subscription. Push traffic (eng. - push-traffic) is the client base of the site that can bring in money.

Three main vectors of push notification monetization can be distinguished, namely:

  • Increase the traffic of your resource through the announcements of articles.
  • Using referral links to advertise affiliate resources and products.
  • The main one is monetization of official site traffic from push subscriptions through third-party services.

It should be remembered that monetization of the official site not only allows passive earnings, but can also cause a negative reaction of visitors, since any advertising acts negatively. Therefore, an excess of push notifications can help reduce traffic, so there shouldn’t be too many push mailings.

Benefits of Monetizing Push Notifications

The procedure is carried out using push partner programs. Having registered on our service, the owner of the site becomes a webmaster. The growth in the number of subscriptions is proportional to the increase in passive income. For example, if a resource earns 6,000 rubles per month on advertising, then the monetization of push notifications will give an additional financial gain in the amount of 3,000 to 6,000 rubles per month.

In addition to advertising push mailing, the service allows you to make personalized notifications for webmasters. This will increase the target audience of the personal site at the expense of users from the mail.

The concept of income from push mailing is the collection of a subscriber base with daily advertising or news alerts. According to the terms of our affiliate program, payment is made per impression or click, depending on the type of earnings that the webmaster determines. After registration, you need to add a script to the site code.

It is worth noting that you can increase revenue by web push if you transfer the resource to the HTTPS protocol. This helps to attract an audience with mobile gadgets.

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