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Key features of targeted advertising

What is targeted advertising

The concept of "targeted advertising" comes from the English word "target", which means target. That is, targeting is aimed at a specific audience who will be interested in a product or service. Using targeted advertising, you can lead your target audience to a personal website, increasing push traffic on your site.

Components of targeting

  • “Portrait” of the target audience is the basis of advertising that defines the features of an individual clientele. Stage includes identification of age restrictions, gender, status and so on. A detailed study of the item increases the chance of a high-quality audience.
  • The budget and duration of the broadcast of advertising affect the reach and possible growth of the target audience. Simply put, the number of people who see the ad depends on the amount invested. It is possible to invest the entire budget in the broadcast within one day (advertising will be shown to a large number of people at once) or to divide the entire amount by a week (the advertisement will be visible every day, but fewer people).
  • The competency of setting targeting parameters ensures high engagement of viewers, as this allows you to "clarify" a group of people who will see the broadcast. That is, it is possible to choose an audience by geolocation, interests and behavior model. The parameters will allow you to “calculate” people by their location, as well as by the advertising that they “click”, the accounts with which they interact, and so on.
  • Quality ad is a very important point. The standard option is an informational photo post telling about the activities of the advertiser with pictures of goods, demonstration of services, and so on. It is worth noting that today a short video is ranked better. Practice shows that a one-minute video with summarized coverage of a sentence has a better effect on people's perception. The presentation is important in general: picture quality, sound, diction, script, and so on. A pleasant, bewitching, inspiring confidence and interest video generates a desire to follow the link to the account or the advertiser's official website. Therefore, there is an opportunity to meet "their" client.

Well-made targeted advertising gives a chance of a qualitative increase in the target audience on the official website. You can also set up web push on your resource and, in addition to the main activity of the site, receive passive income on push notifications.

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