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Push Notifications: How to Compose Texts Effectively?

How to Compose Effective Texts for Push Notifications

Many site owners are actively using the ability to send push notifications. They help remind the user about their favorite portal or notify them of something important. Also, using push traffic can make good money. But how to write effective text for notifications?

Rules for writing push messages

The main thing to remember is conciseness. Text size in push notifications is limited to 200 characters, so you need to describe only the essence of the message. The shorter the text, the more users will read it. At the same time, give up rhetorical questions ("Do you want to get a discount?", "Do not know where to buy the goods?" And so on). To get the reader interested, make a tempting headline (keep in mind that Chrome displays all 50 characters and Safari displays only 42).

If you want to tell users about a new publication, do not write abstractly, for example, "We have a fresh article." It should immediately indicate what it is about. This will avoid the disappointment of users who are not interested in certain topics. It is advisable to add your site logo to the push notifications. Do not change it to increase recognition of the portal. It’s also convenient for Safari users because the browser doesn’t display the name of the notification sender.

When announcing a promotion, be sure to clearly indicate this in the headline using the words "discounts", "special offers", "sale", and so on, to immediately interest the user. It is also advisable to inform about the time frame. Thanks to this, the user is more likely to follow the link from the push notification. Informational messages should be extremely simple ("We have a new function," "Your order has been processed," and so on). But be sure to add a phrase that motivates the user to return to the site ("Learn more in your personal account" and the like).

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