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How to determine the optimal frequency of push sending

Overly persistent advertising does more harm than good. This statement is also true for web push notifications. The task of a marketing specialist of a company that practices this type of commercial promotion is to optimize the frequency of distribution. The right solution will save costs and increase the efficiency of push notifications.

Graphical method for finding the optimum

when organizing a mailing list, you should take an integrated approach and take into account a number of conditions that determine the success of the event. Among them:

  • accurate targeting and clear segmentation;
  • the nature of the sending site (informational, commercial, news, etc.);
  • binding to the dates of sales, holidays, and other events that affect sales volume;
  • statistics.

the Last point seems to be the most important for determining the optimal frequency of sending push messages. Unfortunately, the necessary initial information can only be obtained experimentally, which slightly increases the costs for the initial period of the advertising campaign. In the future, these temporary losses are paid off.

High return, which is demonstrated by push traffic, creates the illusion of unlimited growth in the number of responses with a constant increase in the number of mailings. This opinion is wrong. Annoying pop-UPS on the monitor screen cause rejection of the target audience, prompting users to unsubscribe and ban.

the Problem is solved graphically. Gradually increasing the number of mailings and building a diagram of the dependence of the performance indicator on it, you should achieve a decrease in the percentage of responses. This result is not desirable in operational mode, but is acceptable during traffic susceptibility testing.

after reaching the saturation point (inflection of the graph downwards), the inertia factor should be taken into account. Even if the mailing speed decreases instantly, its effectiveness will not be restored immediately, and for some time (perhaps several days) it will continue to fall.

during holidays, sales, and other periods of growth in consumer activity, the target audience's loyalty to notifications increases. As a result, the optimum point naturally shifts to the right and up on the chart.

it is desirable to keep data Records separately for mobile and computer audiences. As a rule, PC users are more likely to respond during the day. At night, in the morning and in the evening, the situation is approximately the same.

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