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How do I set up a postback link correctly and why do I use it?

The Postback link allows you to send information about conversions to our network so that our advertisers can see the percentage of conversions from clicks and profit minus the traffic expense. This allows you to conveniently track the effectiveness of your ads.

Our system also allows you to set up automatic rules for ads based on the received conversions.for example, if the conversion rate or profit is lower than the specified one, the ad will be automatically disabled, or the minimum price will be set.



In this way, you can automate your ads using postback links to always stay in profit, or reduce your expenses to a minimum.

If you work with a CPA partner network, most of them allow you to specify a postback link to notify you of conversions with different lead status. Learn more from the support of your partner program.

In addition, almost all known traffic trackers support postback links to receive conversion notifications and send them to the advertising network, so the advertiser and arbitrageur can see the whole picture of their ads from different networks by profitability.


Our postback link looks like this:{sub1}&sid={sub2}&clickid={sub3}&money={money}&curr=usd&status={status}&cpaname={cpaname}&offer={offer}&landing={landing}&layer={layer}

To which your tracker or CPA network should send the substituted data:

  • sub1 - ad id (required)
  • sub2 - site id (required)
  • sub3 - click id (required)
  • money - amount of conversion or earnings
  • usd - currency of the amount, if not usd, the conversion will be made
  • status - ead status, accepted: 'approved', 'approved', 'confirm', 'success', 'ok', rejected: 'decline','decline','D','F', 'trash', 'fail'

Advanced setting:

  • cpaname - name of the network's cpa
  • offer - id or name of the offer
  • landing - id or name of the landing page
  • layer - ID or name of the strip


In order to fill in the required data and return it to us, you must first fill in the appropriate macros in your advertised link:


  • [ID] - ad id
  • [SID] - id of the site
  • [CLICKID] - unique id of a click


For example, your ad link looks like this then you add 3 more parameters:[ID]&sid=[SID]&clickid=[CLICKID]

Then your site must be configured in the code to accept and save these parameters in order to receive and insert these parameters in the postback link during the conversion, so our system will understand where and who made this conversion and show it in our statistics.

All received conversions will be displayed on the Statistics page-Postback log



And also on the Conversion page with a division by targeting, so you can clearly see which sections of your conversion rate is better and which ones are worse.



Therefore, we recommend that everyone use this tool whenever possible, as it will make it easy to track the effectiveness of their ads and increase their profits.

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