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3xpush subscription collection methods

If you added a site to the system, then 4 options for collecting subscriptions are available for you:


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Suitable for sites on https, the standard way to collect subscriptions is when a user is immediately prompted to subscribe to push messages when they enter the site.

To do this, JavaScript code is installed on the site, and a file is also uploaded to the root of the site -

In the code itself, you can configure the settings:

  • psx_sub_id - additional source identifier
  • psx_tag - subscriber tag, you can transfer the name of the page category on the site, then you can do separate mailing for users who subscribe from different categories
  • psx_time - a pause before the notification is displayed in ms after a user logs on to the site
  • blocksite - value 1 to close the site with a block with a subscription message
  • hasBlockCross - value 1 to display a cross to close the block; if not specified, the block will disappear only after subscription or failure
  • blockText - text in the closing block
  • redirect_url - URL to which the user will be redirected after subscription
  • block_url - URL to which the user will be redirected after unsubscribing


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The code displays an information block on top of the site with a proposal to subscribe to updates. Upon confirmation, a pop-up with our domain for subscription is displayed. The code consists of two parts that will need to be installed on the site.

HTML code can be edited at your discretion by style, without changing the structure and names of class elements.

This method is much weaker in efficiency than HTTPS, since the user needs to perform 2 actions for subscribing, so few people suggest using it at all, but we have it for those who still want to use this method.

3. Block Content or Content Locker

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HTTPS only. This code allows you to block part of the content on the site, for example, the text of an article or links to files, a video player, etc. through a subscription. After subscribing, content is no longer blocked on the site. If the user has unsubscribed, he will be instructed on how to subscribe again.

It consists of 2 parts, Javascript code and HTML block, which wraps the content that needs to be closed through a subscription.

Also requires a script in the root of the site -

4. Redirect

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The code allows you to redirect users to a site or file through an intermediate page with a subscription. Suitable for http sites. The user will not be able to follow the link until he signs up.

Consists of 2 parts, Javascript code and html class.

Just write class = "redirect-link" for the necessary links, or wrap the link block in

so that all links in the block are redirected.

Thus, the user will first get to our intermediate page with a subscription offer, and after agreeing will go to your URL.

This is a more aggressive way to collect subscriptions, so use it with caution so as not to frighten your regular visitors.

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