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Do you have a website and want to allow your users to subscribe to push notifications? So that they can then receive push notifications from you? Then we implemented a special feature for you that allows you to subscribe users to push notifications that will be sent directly to their browser.

What do we offer site owners to organize push sending?

  • Ready-made Javascript codes for enabling push subscriptions on websites
  • Ready-made module for Wordpress that allows you to connect subscriptions in a couple of clicks, and notify subscribers immediately after creating a post
  • An extension for Google Chrome that allows you to send push notifications directly from the browser
  • This way you can make an unlimited number of push mailings to your subscribers using the basic terms of mailing by region, language, site, tag, and subscriber id.

In addition, we allow webmasters to earn money on push subscriptions. Earning on push occurs through the mailing of ads to our advertisers. However, as the site owner, you can set filtering conditions for ads by category and stop words, so that your subscribers only receive ads that you allow.

Our service also allows you to sell your subscribers on the exchange, you can sell or buy push subscriptions at your price, this is a unique opportunity only with us! You just set the conditions for which subscribers to sell at what price, and all your new push subscribers will be automatically placed on the exchange, while advertising will be sent to them in parallel. If someone likes the statistics of your subscribers, they will buy your subscriptions and you will immediately receive funds to your balance.

Another advantage we have over our competitors is that in addition to push mailings, we also allow webmasters to exchange traffic. How does it work?

For example, there is a news site1 that has 10,000 push subscribers, and there is a site2 that has 5,000 subscribers. Site2 would not mind getting an additional audience for its push do this, it creates a request in the traffic Exchange section and specifies the exchange conditions. Next, the site1 owner sees that site2 is similar in theme to his site and agrees to the exchange with him. What happens next?

Then the system automatically calculates, based on the set limits on the number of mailings per day and the difference in subscribers, how many mailings each site will receive. The owner of site1 creates a push mailing list and when checking sees in addition to their subscribers and site2 subscribers also under the set conditions, that is, the databases of push subscribers are crossed with the limit condition.

This way each site additionally receives new subscribers for its push mailings and each site remains in the black! In defense of the equality of exchange will not be able to remove a partner site from the exchange until you do not fulfill their obligations under the equivalent exchange push recylcle if you did 1000 newsletters on a partnership basis, to cancel the exchange, you will have to wait until your subscribers will do 1000 push mail.

As you have seen, our system provides extensive opportunities to manage and monetize your push subscribers, which few people offer for free! So don't wait, sign up now!

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